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October yays

always-tete via dirty pretty things


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Parisian snap

The happiest thing in my Google Reader on this Reader Wednesday is this poppy post on Guillaume from the Parisian style blog, Easy Fashion. I love umbrellas as photo props, especially futuristic transparent bubble ones. I also love his Parisian riposte (at the bottom):

I wear a sweater by H&M
I wear a shirt by Gap
Slim by Uniqlo
Dancing Shoes “Zizi” by Repetto
Umbrella by Sisley
Bag made by Lydia
Perfume: never

Ohh, snap.

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stop fighting


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This is where my money has been going lately:


The “red-y and rarin’ to go dress”

“Good sea-ing you jacket”

“Thaleia dress”


Royal Apothic perfume in “Courts of Venice.” It smells just like the bath beads that my grandma used to have in the old Berkeley house.


Leopard Vintage Coat

Heart Suspender Tights

Concert Tix:

Arcade Fire

By the way, if you haven’t done this do so now. It has to be played in Google Chrome and is very very worth it (thanks Jessie!):

Matt & Kim

Treasure Island Music Festival

Also, Hello Reader Wednesday! I am reading a book of short stories assembled by Raymond Carver and Tom Jenks called American Short Story Masterpieces. Reader Wednesday pick: Here is a picture of Katharina with some crazy Thomas Kluyver makeup (via Fashion Gone Rogue, photographed by Kim Jakobsen To.)

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flashback photography

Best thing in my Google Reader this morning:

This picture of Anna Kuznetsova by Elina Kechicheva was the Photo of the Day on Fashion Gone Rogue. It’s so totally Nico.

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cuddled with coffee and a good book

If I didn’t work an 8 to 5 office job, I would be starting each ideal day by brewing a cup of coffee and cuddling up with it in a bay window with a good book. It’s only appropriate then that today’s Reader Wednesday post is this one from The Kitchn blog with links to tips and tricks about brewing the perfect cup. I’m too lazy to read through them and actually perfect my technique, but it makes me happy to know they’re out there. One day my monkey butler will be brewing all my coffee for me anyway, so no point learning now… 

I’m currently reading Michael Cunningham’s Specimen Days and enjoying it pretty wholeheartedly. Much like Cunningham did with Mrs. Dalloway in The Hours, he draws on Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass (I think) to set the tone for his protagonist. The main guy is obsessed with Whitman and can relate to him much better than to society, so when he tries to communicate with people he tends to spout out lines of Whitman poetry before realizing it and then does a little “Oops, I’m so awkward” mental berating of himself. It’s pretty endearing. I relate far too well. At least I don’t read Whitman so I’m not aflflicted with that particular social gash. Yet.

Yay books!

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