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it ain’t the size of your corn maze, it’s the way you use it…

Okay, so there are some instances where bigger is better. Such as in the realm of corn mazes. This past Saturday, we visited the 2010 Guinness Book world record holder for largest corn maze at Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, CA. During our two-hour trek through the maze, I oscillated between feeling like Dorothy and someone running from the smoke monster from Lost (it was threatening to rain the whole time we trudged through the 9-ft brush). The 45-acre maze had us going in circles, backwards and forwards to reach Ducati Island and the Starbucks Station before spitting us out into a pumpkin patch. Add to that the wealth of hidden treasures (beer cans, cell phones, a shoe…) that others had abandoned in the maze like a trail of bread crumbs, and you have a rollicking good time. Look on for some pictures and videos of our experience.

I love farmland. It’s all about small pleasures at the world’s largest corn maze.


This actually aggrivated me a little. They actually list “restrooms” as one of their attractions on their websites so I went in thinking, “sweet, I can pee in peace” and guzzled down the Starbucks before heading over. Mistake.

That’s two weekends in a row with port-a-potty situations for me.

We started out with a bunch of energy.

Children of corn…

Traipsing through…

We found treasures along the way.

That was towards the beginning of the maze, which means that some poor girl must have gone through with one shoe.

A little bit lost… Vanessa and I discovered early on that we lack the “explorer” gene and left the mapping to the men.

The happy adventurers at a checkpoint! There were three checkpoints along the way where you could climb up high and survey the lay of the land.

We finally made it out!

Then we bought pumpkins. That’s what hurdy gurdy men are for.

A groundhog even popped his head out to bid us farewell. Until next year, little guy!


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