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Treasure Island Music Festival 2010!

This was my first year at the Treasure Island Music Festival and it did not disappoint. Major highlights were She & Him, The National, and Silent Disco. Silent Disco = seriously cool: it’s a sectioned off area where the DJ’s spin music that is being broadcast through headphones that they hand out at the entrance, so everyone dances around to the music in their heads and, if you take them off, it looks like everyone is going wild to silence.

Ian and I kinda got into it. A lot. They also had some cushions for people to kick back and watch the silent revelers.

I loved the live energy of She & Him. Zooey Deschanel jumped around all giddy-like and seemed to be having good, honest fun. It’s refreshing to see an actor-turned-musician actually into what she’s doing and not just sitting on blasé star power.

It was wet and cold so she was wearing a superfly military-chic coat, which looks excellently similar to a ModCloth coat I’d been eyeing and pushed me over the brink into impulse-buy as soon as I got home.

M. Ward also got his moment to shine singing one of my favorite songs of his, “Magic Trick” and also did a particularly lively rendition of “Roll Over Beethoven.” Awesomepants.

We also spent some good time in this creeptastic little cove with games and oddities. I want to live here.

And I want to take this rotating shiny skullface home with me.

Happy glowy!


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