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Fall haul

Alexa Chung + Madewell… you did not disappoint. Here is what I nabbed:

Alexa Chung for Madewell Betty Tea Dress

Alexa Chung for Madewell Hello Bat sketchbook t

perfect leather belt (not Alexa Chung, but still Madewell)


Alexa Chung for Madewell Tennessee Dress

I’m super pleased with how the items look in person. They also came with these sweet little wristlets:

It’s a cute little touch. I’m an even bigger fan now.


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Is it winter yet?

via Dirty Pretty Things

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urban adventuring

Ian recently had an idea to mark every street that we walk in San Francisco on a map, with the end goal of eventually walking every street in the city. Systematic and documented activities? Be still my heart! I have met my match.

We didn’t start big and just stayed around the downtown area to shop, eat at my favorite Chinatown restaurant (Hang Ah’s), and see a movie (East A) at the Metreon. Here is what the map looked like at the end of the day – I’m looking forward to watching it turn yellow:

The route:

Some highlights of the day were shopping at the Westfield and Ben Sherman and browsing at the Ferrari Store where they apparently beat their employees with the greeter script, i.e.

Sales Clerk #1: Welcome to the largest Ferrari store in America! Where are you visiting us from?
Ian: …Oakland…
Sales Clerk #1: Is this your first time in San Francisco?
Ian: No…

Sales Clerk #1: [blank stare] We have an amazing sale downstairs blah blah etc. etc.
Sales Clerk #2: Welcome to the largest Ferrari store in America! Where are you visiting us from? We have an amazing sale…(blah blah etc etc)!

Please, Ferrari store, let your sales people off the leash!

We also dodged the crowds and eyeballed turtles during a Chinatown street festival

and had some fun in one of the Spirit Halloween stores (the best holidays are finally arriving!).

One thing I’m noticing a lot these days is the increasing awkwardness of the mannequins around the city. Case and point – H&M:

Could someone please give these guys a pee break?

And Bloomindales… an empty handed and empty headed gentleman. Ian let him borrow his phone.

The next day, we didn’t do much walking but we went to the SF flea market. That constituted another dot on the map.

More adventuring to come!

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Parisian snap

The happiest thing in my Google Reader on this Reader Wednesday is this poppy post on Guillaume from the Parisian style blog, Easy Fashion. I love umbrellas as photo props, especially futuristic transparent bubble ones. I also love his Parisian riposte (at the bottom):

I wear a sweater by H&M
I wear a shirt by Gap
Slim by Uniqlo
Dancing Shoes “Zizi” by Repetto
Umbrella by Sisley
Bag made by Lydia
Perfume: never

Ohh, snap.

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stop fighting


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This is where my money has been going lately:


The “red-y and rarin’ to go dress”

“Good sea-ing you jacket”

“Thaleia dress”


Royal Apothic perfume in “Courts of Venice.” It smells just like the bath beads that my grandma used to have in the old Berkeley house.


Leopard Vintage Coat

Heart Suspender Tights

Concert Tix:

Arcade Fire

By the way, if you haven’t done this do so now. It has to be played in Google Chrome and is very very worth it (thanks Jessie!):

Matt & Kim

Treasure Island Music Festival

Also, Hello Reader Wednesday! I am reading a book of short stories assembled by Raymond Carver and Tom Jenks called American Short Story Masterpieces. Reader Wednesday pick: Here is a picture of Katharina with some crazy Thomas Kluyver makeup (via Fashion Gone Rogue, photographed by Kim Jakobsen To.)

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September 1, 2010

Oomph, it’s already Tuesday? And it’s already the 7th? I don’t remember August even happening, let alone a full week of September. Day one of September is probably pretty representative of what happened to the rest of those…

12am – 7am – sleeping












From 6 onward I kept forgetting to take pictures so here’s a smattering of the evening’s pics:

Also, if anyone needed proof that fall is coming, Starbucks has started serving their seasonal cozy pumpkin drinks. We’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from holiday cups, I can feel it.

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