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One of my favorite quotations from pops is his telling me “You have no poetry in your soul” when I told him I don’t like trains. Trains in my mind signify tedious commutes and crowded stuffy cars, but trains in his mind are romanticized memories from childhood where he rode with his parents  to the World’s Fair in Seattle, savoring his Coke and Toblerone bar. My dad has an appreciation for things that most people overlook.

This Father’s Day, my dad and I walked around San Francisco looking at architecture and old buildings that I personally pass all the time without giving a second glance to – completely Dad’s idea, and completely worth your while. We passed a former place of ill-repute, the Old Ship Saloon, that used to be a boarding house and “shanghai-shop” in the 1840s. It’s still a saloon and still tagged by depravity in its more modern form.

It’s crazy to me how many things don’t really change over time, and that you can still pop in and get a drink where sailors in the 1800s would have.

There are tons of buildings with history like that and neat details, and and new, that you can see if you just remember to look up.

It’s a jungle out there (ha – hanging out with Dad will also bring out the cheesy commentary)

Your mission – learn about the buildings you pass every day, or take a second to actually soak in the details. It’s a trip. I wish I had learned this lesson back when I was in college in living across the square from where Warhol’s second factory was and in the neighborhood where Dylan and Kerouac went traipsing about  but didn’t realize this until I was living back in California. Doh.

Dad’s got the smarts.

The outfit for the day is courtesy of Kayte’s wedding. Hurray for re-wearable bridesmaids dresses!

Outfit pics:

I love how the circles on the dress go with the bracelet – I’m always a sucker for geometric shapes!

Dress: Calvin Klein tangerine polka dot dress (AKA bridesmaids dress from Kayte’s wedding
Scarf: H&M
Bracelet: So Good Jewelry

Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day!


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