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It’s been a while since I’ve shared lists or outfit pics, so you get both.

Some recent looks:

This is my road trip back from wine country/day back in SF look.

Dress: H&M
Scarf: gifted silk scarf from a Chinese visiting scholar
Shoes: Cathy Jean silver see-through flats
Purse: Prada (from the outlet in Florence)
Aviators: Brass Plum

This is my going out to dinner and wine bar look. The wine bar we went to was called Amelie! (can you tell she’s a favorite of mine?)

I also like to pretend I’m a 60s French film star.

Hat: Urban Outfitters
Purse: Prada
Jacket: from Goodie 2 Shuz in Monterey (love the shop, hate the name)
Black beads bracelet

A list:

I’ve recently whittled down my eye makeup list and refined the system after Jessie completely freaked me out about makeup hygene. I’ve decided I’m going to keep seven eye shadows/pigments/pallettes at a time and throw the oldest one out and replace it every four months. It means I’m going to be keeping the eyeshadows slightly longer than what people recommend, but this is a huge improvement over the previous system where I was cycling through about 35 eyeshadows that I had inherited from my grandmother or accumulated through college and even *gasp* high school. Plus, it gives me an excuse to shop for makeup more often than I had been since this stuff never runs out!

So I haven’t gone quite into the “systems” of my lists in the past, but if you want to get into the nitty-gritty – here is what I do:

I have seven eyeshadows (well, really eight because I cheated and kept one I shouldn’t have.) I number them 1-8:

  1. Lancome 4 Romance
  2. Lancome Green Tourmaline
  3. Smashbox Bronze Cream
  4. Nars Night Flight
  5. Smashbox Pallette
  6. Benefit Pop Eyes Pallette
  7. Lancome Chic Pallette
  8. Mac Pallette of oranges/purples

Then I pull out the ol’ excel spreadsheet and do the random number generator equation:

=INT(RAND( )*8)+1

(You insert the total number of items you are randomizing where the “8” is in the equation). Oh Stats class, this is what you have done for me… So the order that the random numbers are spat out by the equation is the order that my list gets rearranged into so (this time) it becomes:

  • Smashbox pallette
  • Nars Night Flight
  • Mac Pallette of oranges/purples
  • Smashbox Bronze Cream
  • Lacome 4 Romance
  • Benefit Pop Eyes Pallette
  • Lancome Green Tourmaline
  • Lancome Chic Pallette

Except really this is even a lie because I’ve thrown other non-eyeshadow eye things into the mix like “fake eyelashes” and “bourjois shimmer” so my real list is slightly longer…

Then, I wear them in order. For example: Monday I’d wear Smashbox Pallette, Tuesday Nars Night Flight, etc., and mark them off when I have. Once I’ve gone through the list, I start again wearing every other one. Once I’ve gone through the list that way, I start again going top bottom top bottom (so the order here would be Smashbox Pallette, Lancome chic, Nars Night Flight, Lancome Green Tourmaline, etc.) Once I’ve gone through the list that way,I re-randomize the list and start again.

Fun, no? It keeps things fresh and always changing, and it makes it so I actually wear everything I own and don’t forget about certain colors. Here is a pic of what the real list looks like in my list notebook:

(This page also includes my lipstick list, which pretty much works the same way. I’m going to throw out and replace the oldest one every four months also, but a different four months than the eyeshadow replacements s0 it goes: May/Sept/Jan – replace eyeshadows; July/Nov/March replace lipsticks).

Is there some job out there where I could be putting this neurosis to use?


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