wishful thinking shopping time – American Apparel

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I’m a little embarassed to admit that I like American Apparel because somehow it has all of a sudden become the stereotypical nesting place of the hipster. When did “hipster” become such a dirty word? Can’t someone like something shiny and stripey without becoming part of the baa-ing masses of irony in neon sunglasses? 

Hello, my name is Rochelle, and I like metallic spandex. 

I bought these in silver and purple from American Apparel but then realized you can get them for half the price (and better quality) from Rags in San Diego. As much as I love these, the American Apparel ones lose their sheen and become more matte after about a year (the ones from Rags are as shiny as ever). I now have these, or a variation on them, in silver, purple, gunmetal, gold, and black snake-print. Gotta gobble them up while you can. 

I also have 

this shiny metallic headband in navy blue


this shiny metallic backpack.

What I really want is 

this shiny metallic fannypack.

I also like stripes. So does American Apparel. 



And I adore their mesh sweetheart bodice dresses. I can decide if I like it in white or black better. Thoughts? 


Answer my poll! 


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