because everyone’s my friend in New York City…

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A long overdue post – the East Coast trip is over and done with and I have a noisy little cold as a souvenier. It is my friend and I have named it George. Erik and I had an amazing time eating, shopping, and visiting friends in NYC, with a short little jaunt in Connecticut to see my aunt and uncle.

We arrived in Brooklyn on 12/31 and our taxi ride was pretty typical. The cabbie was on her cell phone the whole time and it was hard to tell if she was talking to us sometimes when she would all of a sudden shout “Are you constipated??” or “You need alcohol!”

We went straight to Jessie’s apartment in Williamsburg to meet Tina and Jessie and got groceries for that night’s dinner. Lauren and Doug joined us to celebrate (with cupcakes)! It also happened to be their 1-year anniversary. Lauren and Doug hadn’t met Jessie and Tina before but it seemed that they hit it off. Jessie, Tina, and Erik all pitched in to cook a delicious pasta dinner and hen we played The Office board game.

Pretty fun, but we abandoned it before midight.

The original plan was to go to the water at midnight to yell at the Manhattan skyline and look at pretty lights/fireworks, but it was sleeting so we happily stayed indoors (and polished off an obscene amount of champie). Then someone had the brilliant idea of after-midnight Yaffa Cafe!

Après-Midnight Yaffa was a tradition in college because they would start to serve breakfast right after midnight, and my roomies (Jen in particular) swore by the goodness of their french toast. It was always fun to show up there in the middle of the night when the drag queens, denizens of Cuppicino and Tattoo across the way, and other various East Village reprobates would gather…

So made our way into Manhattan

and I got my side of the carrot dresssing salad ad the red fettucini. Vacation eating, gotta love it.

After that, we trucked on back to Jessie’s apartment (Minus Lauren and Doug, who live on the Upper East Side) and slept on the aerobed in Jessie’s kitchen. That sounds iffy, but Jessie’s kitchen is spotless.

The next day (1/1) we slept in and Tina, Jessie, Erik and I got lunch at Motorino near Jessie’s place (amazing pizza with crust like clouds). We then went to her local coffee shop to experience the hipsters

hipster tip jar

and the glories of Stumptown coffee,  and who did we see there but

Kenley Collins from Project Runway

I always loved her style but was kind of scared of her sass, so I tried not to look over too much but did steal a glance or two on the way back from the bathroom.

We then left Tina and Jessie and headed into Manhaattan to check into the Chelsea. I LOVED wandering the halls and the big sprial staircase and looking at all the art. I was so enamored that I told Erik we should stay there every time we come back. That night, that statement was revised. There is  story in itself, worthy of a campfire and scary flashlight faces. That is another story for another time.


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January 1, 2010 howdee-ho, San Francisco

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