here’s to you, Pops!

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Back in November, I wrote a “thank you” post about my mom to enter the Modcloth Thanksgiving contest. She was the obvious choice for that entry because the holidays are her domain, but that certainly doesn’t diminish the importance of my dad in my life as well. I think it’s high time Dear ol’ Dad gets his due!

What a dapper daddy I have!

My mom and dad are like yin and yang. While she stives to make sure we don’t worry, he makes sure we worry just enough (but always with a sense of good humor and open-mindedness.)  It’s his high expectations balanced by his confidence in me that motivates me to tackle new things and not give up. He is extremely hard working and practical, but supports me when I wander off in impractical directions. When I wrote my college essay that probably read something like a flower-power manifesto, he tactfully replied “It’s not what I would have written, but it certainly has voice…” and when I wanted to go to NYU, he very sensitively drew up bar graphs and charts to illustrate how it was not the most financially feasible choice, but then turned around and sent me there anyway.

It’s also incredible how much energy he has for all of us even after working such long days. He spent many an hour in the lobby of my ballet studio waiting to drive me home, and nutured my brother’s sailing talent (while being quite the seaman himself).

He treats my mother like gold and sets the example for the perfect partner.

He is generous with his running socks.

And I think he is quietly and stealthily influencing our style choices as well…

note the matching shirts

I’m pretty lucky to have such a smart, fun, and supportive dad and I can only hope to be as rad as him when I’m “all growed up.”

Thanks Dad!


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