by hook or by crook

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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been captivated by the images from the 1960s series The Prisoner. My dad used to watch old reruns of it and I couldn’t get the image of the big floating orb that would come and swallow you up if you tried to escape “The Village” out of my head.

I watched it again a few years ago and it blew me away and it has been influencing my style choices ever since. The bright primary colors and clean lines of the clothes and umbrellas and the geometric shapes of the buildings and furniture are pretty arresting. Not to mention, Patrick McGoohan looks pretty darn sharp in that suit!

All the residents of The Village are assigned a number instead of a name, and wear a button of an old-fashioned penny-farthing bicycle with their number on it.

  For a while, I’ve found the charming image combined with the strength of the message of the show compelling enough to think that I should get a tattoo of the bicycle, but then I ran across this:

The “Big Wheels” necklace on is probably a wiser choice than a tattoo.  I absolutely have to have it. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a new thing every week that I “aboslutely must have” so I’m trying to exercise restraint. At least until after Christmas. 😉


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if wishes were pennies… Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday…

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