Veteran’s Day

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I’m greatly indebted to our veterans for all that they sacrifice to serve us and I admire all the courage and perseverance that it takes to be one – but I have to admit, I also really enjoy the less lofty and more immediately gratifying gift that they give us: a day off in the middle of the week. Just one random day off is such a huge break in routine that the entire week feels kind of like a freebie.

Erik and I toasted the Tuesday that felt like a Friday by going to the Kabuki Theater on Fillmore to see The Men Who Stare at Goats. The Kabuki Theater is unique in that, if you see a movie in Auditorium 1 and sit in the balcony, you can order food and drinks at the Balcony Bar and take it in with you and each of the seats has a little table-like platform next to it to eat from. Also, all the seats in the theater are reserved seating, so you choose your seat when you buy your ticket and don’t need to worry about saving seats. Really fun.

The movie was not bad but nothing special, except for a super entertaining scene in the middle involving a hippy-fied George Clooney dancing to Billy Idol.

On Veteran’s Day itself, I slept in until noon and then Erik and I went to Union Square to try to spend some gift certificates. Here is the outfit (I love opportunities to wear non-work attire during the work-week!)  The dress is from one of my favorite local stores called Sway in Berkeley, and there’s actually another one in Concord that has better layout/selection. Who knew that Concord would have such trendy digs. That’s one of the few things that I miss from living out that direction.

We poked around Williams and Sonoma and I really enjoyed their cake pans – they have some that look like little gifts, and other that look like little buildings so that you can make a whole christmas village out of cake!

I ultimately decided to buy nothing, though,and save the certificate until it came time to buy Christmas gifts. 😛

I also had a $10 gift certificate to spend at H&M, and they have a ton of great accessories that definitely fall within that price range, but as soon as I entered the store I started stockpiling the things to try on that were way over the budgetary limit. I eventually realized the folly of my ways and got overwhelmed, and decided to come back another time when I was in a more sound frame of mind to make wise purchases. As a consolation prize, I’m posting pictures of the items that I would have bought if reason hadn’t set in.

Drool-worth faux fur for about $60.

The one I saw had teal instead of pink and I think it was around $40.

And the rest I guess you don’t get to see because H&M doesn’t have an online store and therefor makes their products pretty difficult to find. Tsk tsk and shame on them.


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