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I know this is a bit out of order, but I’ve been meaning to do a post of all the wonderful Halloween costumes that happened this year. Better late than never, here you go!

Kayte crocheted her awesome Bridezilla costume (worn over the bottom layer of her actual wedding dress!)

Dan was looking very dapper (if a little sinister) as the guy from American Psycho, and Jim was someone-whose-name-I-should-know from Star Wars. Jim went to his niece’s “life force celebration” (a version of a baptism – what can I say, the parents live in Berkeley) and he dressed as this so he could go up to her and declare “the force is strong in this one” or something like that.

 Matt was a formal apology

Sita was an adorable Lucille Ball

Mike was one of the band members from Kiss

with his wife, Kim, who was a sexy army person

Igor was a very convincing vampire, and Anu was a very pretty kitty

Carey and Jamie were there and looking very nice, but I can’t remember what they were dressed as. I only remember making some embarrassingly incorrect comment about how they looked like the people who walk around Berkeley and try to convert you to some cult. I was wrong.

Jeff and Mairin win the cute couple award in their Star Trek costumes

While out,we also ran into a pretty great Ali G.

and a guy dressed as a coloring book who let people draw on him

And if you made it down this far, you get a prize of the recipe that I used for some incredibly yummy and rummy spiced cider. It was a hit, even though I forgot the cloves (durn! Next time…)


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November 1, 2009 grazie mille, mia madre

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