October 1, 2009

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Oh the thrilling lives we lead….

12am – attempting the sleep
1am – sleeping
2am – sleeping
3am – sleeping
4am – sleeping
5am – sleeping
6am – sleeping
7am – sleeping

8am, trying to be stealth and not creepster taking a picture at Peet’s (hip shot)


9am, the eternally messy desk

10am, our high-tech redacting process

11am, trying to figure out where the heck my next meeting is

12pm bathroom shenanigans

1pm, my snack drawer

2pm – long and disruptive meeting

3pm – still in the meeting, trying to periodically shift the weight from one cheek to the other

4pm – done early! home for some foods

5pm, zip zip  

6pm haircut with Danica, my awesome guru and doler of facts ranging from reincarnation to goldfish care. She rocks. The one picture I managed to take without the flash was blurry, so my face is a shiny beacon. A beacon of JOY, dammit!

7pm, Trader Joe’s. So-weet.

8pm, the gym. My life as a Nintendo character.

9pm, getting clean

10pm, updating the pod

11pm, lulled to sleep by Brothers and Sisters


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Let’s make-believe Brumbaugh-Gautier Wedding

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