the Haegele is now a Bishop!

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I think that this blog is about to become a wedding blog because there are so many happy events coming up – Arthur and Em, Heather and David, John and Kate, Matt R. and April, Anu and Igor….  but that’s not meant to dilute the fact that Kayte and Jim are now married!

Them kids finally done it.

Kayte was amazing at not becoming a Bridezilla or getting caught up in wedding mayhem or feeling obliged by traditions.   Here’s a list of just a few of the non-traditional steps she took to make the wedding personalized, and to beat the system:

-She went to the farmer’s market the day of the wedding to choose and buy the flowers and make the bouquets herself:

-They had amazing Indian food catering and mango lassis instead of alcohol.

-Instead of an awkward and embarrassing bouquet toss, they did an Anniversary Dance where all the married couples danced on stage while Sean called out years (i.e. “if you’ve been married less than a year, sit down!” “If you’ve been married one year, sit down!” etc.) until there was only one couple left dancing who had been married the longest, who received the bouquet.  It just so happened to be my parents, who are coming up on their 35th anniversary!  They had some dance moves!  I was so proud of them.

-Kayte refused to keep her cake to freeze and eat on their one year anniversary.  I think that’s a cute tradition, but she feels like it’s ridiculous to eat year-old cake.  After the wedding, during clean-up, no one could believe that she wanted to toss the cake and kept trying to rescue it from being thrown out.  I eventually convinced the staff to take it home and eat it, only to find out later that another guest had stolen it back from them, stating “Oh no, they almost took Kayte’s cake!”

I could go on, but I don’t want to reveal all of her secrets.  😉  It was a beautiful wedding, and I’m impressed by how well everything came together.


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