the all-encompassing packing list

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I developed this list years ago when I was driving down to San Luis Obispo every other weekend for a flash-in-the-pan romance and constantly packing and unpacking bags.   It’s evolved over time and become a handy little list for packing for any trip.  I basically go down the list and put tallies next to each thing once its packed.

  • sunblock
  • mouth guard (for the odd game of football.  And because I grind my teeth in my sleep)
  • journal (for writing in with an actual pen.  The private thoughts that don’t end up here)
  • keys (for getting back inside once I’m home)
  • passport
  • phone/charger
  • ipod/charger
  • makeup
  • book/movies/lists
  • clothes (some think that this should be broken down into smaller categories on the pack-list, but since I have all my clothes planned out in other lists, this works for me)
  • an extra shirt (for the inevitable stains that I’ll get on my other clothes)
  • shoes (for walking.  Or preening)
  • BART card
  • socks/tights
  • hats/extras/belts (for functional style)
  • earrings/necklaces/bracelets/rings (for dysfunctional style)
  • sunglasses or gloves/scarf (seasonal, dontchaknow)
  • hair things
  • makeup remover/cotton balls
  • face cleanser/lotion
  • pajamas
  • jacket
  • camera/charger
  • purse
  • razor
  • underwear
  • shampoo/conditioner/facewash
  • comb
  • toothbrush/paste/floss
  • wallet
  • deoderant/perfume
  • medicines (always be prepared for headaches and the such, especially if changing altitudes)
  • gifts (if being a house guest or going to a wedding)
  • bathing suit

Bon voyage.


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