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Day 1, back from the Midwest.  It was an adventure to say the least, and not without its challenges.  I’d have to say the major takeaway from the trip was spending time with Erik, and our day in Minnesota for Juicy Nookie Burgers and Mall of America.  We discovered this amazing store called The Afternoon that is pretty much entirely geared towards me (a little surprising to find in the middle of Minnesota).   The burgers at Nook were all that I dreamed they could be and more.  This alone would be enough to get me back to the midwest.

The wedding was nice, as they always are.  It’s good to see people who don’t see each other often gathered for such a happy event.  I really didn’t know anyone but Erik, but met some good people and had a good time.  Here’s Erik and I all gussied up:

Some of the challenges were the rain that poured during the outdoor wedding, which made it pretty atmospheric but I really have no idea how the bride or her bridesmaids withstood it.  They’re some tough broads!  The temperature was in the 50s and windy and wet, and they didn’t wear any wraps or coats during the entire ceremony! 

The other challenge was that we basically adopted a son in the form of a needy 27 year-old man and his cohort for the duration of the Wisconsin portion of the trip, without planning to.   It’s pretty funny in hindsight but I think E’s still pretty cheesed off about it.  I guess he hadn’t told anyone he was coming and then expected Erik to do everything for him without asking or saying thank you (aka, drive him around, share our sleeping space, etc.  He even asked if he could put his name on our present thirty minutes before the wedding!).  Not going to go into detail, but let’s just say we’re glad not to have any children, especially grown-up ones with Peter Pan syndromes going through the gleaming frat party stage of their lives that expect others to tie their shoes and change their diapers.

The cabins themselves were beautiful, and were situated on a lake that was particularly beautiful before sunset when we were woken and banished from them by soggy drunken hooligans. 

We also went to Amish Country and ate at an Amish restaurant that was pretty yummy.  Who knew that the Amish lifestyle includes microwaves and American Cheese?  Not I. 

All in all: glad I went, glad I’m back.


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