the mystery trip

May 10, 2009 at 9:56 pm 1 comment

Last weekend, Erik rented a zipcar and suprised me with a mystery trip.  He didn’t tell me where we were going, just that we were going.  It was like the excitement of Christmas morning and Easter egg hunts rolled onto wheels as I made wild guesses along the way about where we were going.

We started out in SF on our way

not to be thwarted by the homeless man who hangs out at the gas station and asks for gas money, despite his seemingly bigger problem of not having a car (if you look closely you can see him negotiating with Erik.)come on, man

I was very excited to be on the road.  Erik was not too excited about SF drivers. here we goooooo

Clue #1: we board the freeway for 101S.  This rules out Napa, Canada, and the North Pole.  The southern possibilities are endless.  clue 1

Soon I start seeing signs for SFO airport.  I knew it!  This was the romantic vacation to Spain I had been waiting for.  I started singing flamenco music to get in the mood.  IMG_0698

……aaand then we zoomed right past.  I was very disappointed. IMG_0701

But my disappointed was slight compared to the utter euphoria at the next clue we passed.IMG_0704

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, that sign says NASA.  We were going to ………..wait for it….. the moon!  Or mars, or Venus, or wherever people wear the same shiny pants I do and understand the plinks and plonks that come out of my brain.

But we drove on by.  This time I was not so disappointed at my failed guesses because we stopped for a consolation prize (Doritos are a girl’s best friend). IMG_0714

There was a really atmospheric gloom to the day and it was so nice to be on the road and out of the city for some (literally) fresh air. IMG_0708

My next clue came in the scrumptious stench of garlic and the ubiquitous signage for garlic and cherries.IMG_0710

Once we rolled through Gilroy, I had a few good ideas of where we might be going but it didn’t really matter anymore.  I just love that drive and all the scenery around it.  It’s hard to believe that life can be so different in a region so geographically nearby. IMG_0715

This is my favorite stretch of freeway on 101.  It almost seems to shroud you as you drive through the tunnel of trees and rocks. IMG_0716

Right about now my suspicions become closer to confirmed. IMG_0720

At this point Erik can tell that I’ve stopped shouting out ridiculous guesses and have resigned to sitting in my seat patiently with a happy grin.  Suspecting that I know where we’re going, and not knowing how to deflect the suspicions Erik says “you’re funny looking.”  Smooth one.  Smooooth.

But he confirms we’re going to Monterey!  One of my favoritest places on earth.  There’s something about the quaint downtown, fresh air, and misty ocean that makes my regular world thoughts ascend into a happy fog.


We had an awesome weekend, including the 3D sharks movie at the imax,IMG_0748

dinner downtown at a place with some creepy ambiance lighting IMG_0741

and general ocean-side shenanigans. IMG_0746

We also shopped, drank great coffee, and saw Adventureland at one of the cute arty movie theaters.  All in all, a fantastic weekend.  An anvil can drop on my head now, because my life is pretty darn great.


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the perfect weekend formula where in the world…

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  • 1. glaspylife  |  May 13, 2009 at 1:05 pm

    you should add “surprise zipcar weekend trip hosted by stellar bf” as an alternate formula to the perfect weekend. loved living vicariously through all those pictures!!


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